Grow closer with your Family with Cup of Time

Cup of Time cups are designed to help families reserve time to talk and listen.
Our Mission

Helping families stay united through conversation

In this modern age, we find ourselves drifting apart from our loved ones, shut away in separate rooms and captivated by glowing screens. When families lose precious, face-to-face genuine communication, issues and conflicts easily take root and grow. Cup of Time's mission is to get family members talking again, drawing them closer through facilitating habitual verbal communication in a way that is fun and enjoyable.

Newest Selections

Cups designed especially for each family member

  • Mother & Daughter Set $29.99
  • Father & Son Set $29.99
  • Husband & Wife Set  $29.99
  • Time with Jesus $14.99
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Featured Testimony

"My daughter loves to put her cup on the counter whenever she needs to talk. She uses it all the time, and it is a serious blessing! It has kept us super close during those tough teenage years."

Isabella Vasquez
How Cup of Time Works

Make time to talk & enjoy your favorite beverages.

Establishing a consistent and enjoyable communication routine creates opportunities for you and your family to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly. After purchasing Cup of Time cups for you and your family member(s) use them as a way to signal a routine time to enjoy your favorite drink, soup, ice cream etc and talk with each other. Each cup includes a motivation card with how to use instructions.

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Cup of Time's Story

Healing cups of conversation 

Over a decade ago my best friend and her teenage daughter were facing tremendous difficulties. I had this revelation that if they would just put all differences aside and talk they would remember how much they loved each other. As my Behavioral Health Nurse career progressed I came to realize that almost every problem could be boiled down to lack of communication...

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See what families are saying 

  • My dad and I talk all the time. We are even in business together. Cup of Time will make our time a bit more special!

    James Wesley
  • Train them in the way they should go and they will never depart from it. Our children are never too small to learn how to verbally communicate properly and why it's important to know Jesus.

    Suzanne Flemming
  • I love my Cup of Time with Jesus! Can't wait for the morning to use it while I read my Bible.

    Ebony Williams

Give the gift of Cup of Time to your loved ones and embark on a journey of heartfelt conversations.

Cup of Time cups can be bought in a set and separately for each family member.